Leimert Park Outdoor Living Space

Our clients, artists, parents and new homeowners, needed to find creative, budget and family friendly DIY ways to convert a giant sunbaked concrete driveway and chain link fenced side yard into to a lush, shaded, private outdoor living room for their active family. We found many cost effective and beautiful design solutions to help the client achieve their dreams. The existing concrete was maintained as a patio surface but big hunks were saw-cut out to create new lush planter beds. The saw cut concrete was recycled on-site for a future concrete path stepping stones. Simple, affordable but highly effective shade sails were added to create shade on the south side of the house to help reduce urban heat island effects and boost privacy. A new 8 foot high wood fence replaces a chain link fence and becomes both focal wall, plant wall and privacy screen and wraps around the garden to create an all-purpose “corral” to keep kid’s toys, garden equipment and bin storage out of sight while maintaining the flexibility to open up for loading and vehicular access when needed. Photography by: Michael Underwood Photography