Highland Park – Garvanza  HPOZ – New Single Family Infill Housing with Accessory Dwelling Unit

On a rare vacant lot in the historic Garvanza neighborhood, great care was taken to tailor the new single family dwelling to the surrounding fabric. We poured over examples of similar sized dwellings in the Garvanza area to reference. A Victorian farmhouse style was selected as the most suitable style in which to use as a springboard and to update to reflect our contemporary world and not simply copy from the past. The cross gable roofline was selected to help tailor the massing to address the surrounding one and two story structures. The addition of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the rear yard complements the continuum of small outbuildings that are characteristic of the neighborhood fabric. We were thrilled to preserve a huge, native oak in the process and tailored the siting of the house and ADU to make its welcoming canopy the centerpiece of the sun dappled back yard.

2018 Highland Park Heritage Trust Community Preservation Award
2019 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Design Award